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Hi! I’m Terry Bridges owner of and the NW RaceReport. Thanks for stopping by. I don’t want to bore you with all the life history stuff, but think it’s important you know a little about who I’am & what I’m all about. I’am just like you a passionate racing enthusiast and I’m ALL about announcing Motorsports…I’m ADDICTED!
I’m all about working hard to land a Radio or T.V. gig so that I can expose “Grassroots” Motorsports, which is the backbone of ALL Motorsports regardless of genre. The racers and their teams work just as hard, are just as passionate, as the superstars they hope to become. I want to bring “Grassroots” racing the exposure it NEEDS & DESERVES. Every racer has is, or will use the “Grassroots”route as a step in some way, shape, or form in their attempt to make the “Big Time”.
Learning how to interview, talk in front of crowds, and the art of communicating under less than ideal situations and promoting sponsors are just a few of the things taken for granted, but are vital for success. Learning and understanding the importance of driver media now more than ever,is a critical and a necessary skill that drivers must possess on their journey to the “Big Time”, regardless of how capable they may be.
My goal is that I can help educate up and coming racers of the importance how they represent not only their sponsors but themselves plays a huge part in their future success and to motivate them to seize the opportunity to practice and improve their skills every chance they get while in an atmosphere that is comfortable and UN-intimidating.
I have over 25 years experience in the Motorsports world, ten of those twenty five years I owned, drove, and operated a dirt late model stock car racing team. I cut my teeth and learned racing from a legend in the karting world Mr.Phil Pfau. I have been extremely lucky to have been surrounded and taught by some of greatest names in the northwest such as stock car legend J.J. Zaffino, Chassis builder Dave Goulet, and late model stock car driving legend Garrett Evans. Once again thanks for stopping by, enjoy the site, and as always, constructive feedback is always welcomed and encouraged.


Hey racers!…I’m Jeff Eden a.k.a “The Loader” A little about me, I grew up in the small town of Sheridan, Oregon. After high school I spent 4 years in the Navy. Upon my return home, I went to work in the woods logging. I married my sweetheart Teri in 1981 and we have two awesome kids, my son Justin and daughter Lacey. We lived in Salem, OR until we moved to Lacey, Washington in 1996. I went to work in a rock pit loading trucks and I’m still there today.
I am avid Hunter and fisherman and I’m always looking for a trout stream that I can fly fish in. I Started racing in the early 70’s at the high school drags at Woodburn Strip. I have been 8.50 at a 165 mph in a small block dragster. I also worked as fire/Safety crewman at the Woodburn Dragstrip. I found stock car racing in Hawaii while in the Navy. I spent couple seasons crewing for Terry Bridges on his Supersport dirt late model, and eventually bought it.
I spend my time now crewing on a dirt Modified that races around the northwest, along with my new passion working on the NWRR. It is my hope that I can help the show become a household name around the northwest, and that I can bring you, the racer, entertaining and useful information. Enjoy the site and be sure you sign up to receive our show reminders in your email! You can also find me on a Facebook at I love hearing from all racers and race fans regardless genre, and would love to hear from you!